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Dine Divine Sassafras House Policy


Dine Divine Sassafras strives to provide a responsible, safe and professional level of service of alcohol. We will endeavour to serve customers in a responsible, friendly and professional manner, and abide by the conditions of our liquor license. Staff are on hand to assist customers in enjoying their time and to assist in their decision to drink in moderation and, where appropriate, avoid drinking activities that put customers at harm or risk. Management is committed to adhere to all liquor licensing laws.

As a restaurant all alcohol beverages must be accompanied with a main meal.


The Staff and Management of Dine Divine Sassafras promote the enjoyment of patrons and our community by enforcing the following House Rules:

  • Management reserves the right to cease the sale of any product at any time

  • Management reserves the right to limit alcohol purchase to one drink per person on any occasion

  • Designated drivers are entitled to a free soft drink after 7pm

  • Food and beverages are not to be taken from the venue

  • Persons caught vandalising or causing damage to the venue or surrounding areas will face police prosecution & further action

  • Footwear must be worn at all times within the venue

  • Any persons found stealing will be barred from the venue and prosecuted to the full extent of the law

  • Persons found fighting in or around the venue will be barred from the venue

  • Persons who, in the opinion of staff and security, are found to be harassing other patrons will be asked to leave the venue



All staff involved in the sale and/or service of alcohol must have completed an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course. At no time are staff to encourage excessive or unsafe drinking practices. We are committed to ongoing training to deliver the best possible adherence to our policy.



At no time will any person exhibiting any of the following, be admitted into, or served in the venue:

  • If intoxicated

  • If aggressive, quarrelsome or disorderly

  • If, or is suspected of being, under the influence of any illicit substance

  • If, or is suspected of being, in possession of any illicit substance

We reserve the right to define ‘intoxication’ for the safety of our patrons and the local neighbourhood.



Dine Divine Sassafras offer a full range of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages. This includes juice, soft drink, and water. Further, it is a commitment of the venue that a variety of low strength and mid strength beverages are offered. They are displayed prominently, and always at a lower price, than their full strength counterparts.



Dine Divine Sassafras is situated near residential areas. It is asked that patrons please leave the venue and surrounding area clean and with minimal noise. Patrons who make excessive noise, loiter or otherwise disrupt the good order of the neighbourhood will not be re-admitted to the venue.



Taxi services are available upon request, staff can assist.



Respect, courtesy and dignity are the standards by which patrons will be dealt with whilst on our premises. Whilst keeping this in mind, all staff including security will be mindful of refusing service and/or entry to any patron who displays any signs of intoxication (as per RSA), cannot prove their age, or is generally unruly.



Entry to Illusions Lounge will require one of the following:

  • A current driver’s licence or learner’s permit with photo and date of birth, or

  • A current passport, or

  • An Australian government-issued proof-of-age card (18+ Card)



Remember that all vehicles parked in our private car park, are done so at owners and patrons risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage, theft or injury caused while in our private car park area.

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